Call Committee Candidate


The Call Committee and Church Council unanimously decided to invite a pastor that we have been speaking with since January to visit Christ Lutheran Church. His name is Pastor Tsegayesus (Higayousus) Hurisa Hunde. He will be visiting us from Wednesday, May 18th through Wednesday, May 25th. He has a very busy schedule that week that includes several appointments, activities, and events that are planned for him to attend. Mostly we want to let the congregation know about what is happening on Sunday, May 22nd. Pastor Hunde will be officiating and preaching at our 9:00 am and 11:00 am services that Sunday. He will also be attending coffee hour between services to meet members. The entire congregation is invited to the church after the last service on Sunday, May 22nd for a meet and greet with Pastor Hunde. This will also include a congregational brunch. Please RSVP with Tammy in the church office for the brunch. That Sunday is your opportunity to both hear him preach and to meet and speak with him. This should be an exciting time for all who are able to attend services, as well as the meet and greet to welcome Pastor Hunde to our church.
Pastor Hunde was born in Ethiopia. Currently, he and his family reside in Ovre Vats Norway. They have lived in Ovre Vats since 2015 and in Norway since 2001. Pastor Hunde and his family are Norwegian citizens. He is currently the senior pastor for three Lutheran parishes in northern Norway since 2015. He has studied theology in both Ethiopia and in Norway. He holds seven degrees in theology. Two Masters of Divinity and also a degree called Candidatus Theologiae which he received in 2015. The Candidatus Theologiae degree is equivalent to a doctorate degree in the US. Pastor Hunde has been involved in his ministry for 28 years. In Ethiopia He was an instructor at the seminary, He was a principal and teacher at a children’s bible school. He was a traveling evangelist for two years planting new Lutheran churches throughout Ethiopia. He was also involved in coordinating different youth ministries and preaching at different Lutheran conferences. Pastor Hunde became an ordained pastor in Norway for the Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians in Bethel church and then served in Oslo as a minister. Since 2015 he has been the senior pastor in the Norwegian Lutheran church for three parishes in Oksnes.
The call committee feels that Pastor Hunde meets and exceeds all attributes that the members of Christ Lutheran Church are looking for in their next pastor. We believe Pastor Hundes’ path has been guided to us by the Holy Spirit. He is a very biblical and spiritual preacher. He is enthusiastic, energetic, determined, family orientated, friendly, humble, evangelistic, and a community-conscious person. He shares the same beliefs and mission that the members of Christ Lutheran share. He is motivated to spread the word of Christ to all, including to our neighbors and our community. He is a pastor that will be involved in every activity of the church. He also shares in our vision of growth. The call committee has spoken with him on Google Meet three times. We’ve also have been in constant communication with him since January 15, 2022. We have looked into his background and spoke with his references. Every pastor we’ve spoken with has nothing but compliments and high regards for him. His references are pastors that are held in high respect in the NALC and also the LCMC. He also is in the final stages of being rostered with the NALC and LCMC. From all the pastors that I, Mark Woy, have spoken with for the vetting and call process within the NALC and LCMC, they are all very impressed and have great respect for Pastor Hunde and his ministry.
I, Mark Woy, along with the rest of the Call Committee and Church Council would like to respectfully invite the members of Christ Lutheran to the services and events on Sunday, May 22nd. We are truly blessed that Pastor Hunde is able to come and join us that day. Pastor Hunde communicates by email, all the while, asking how the congregation is doing at Christ Lutheran and if there are any updates or responses from the congregation about his coming to visit.
He is anxious and looking forward to his visit with us and being able to meet everyone in person. In his last email to me, he says “Praise the Lord! I am ready to take the steps he provides.” This is in regards to steps in the final process of being rostered in the NALC and LCMC to become our next pastor. Please keep in your prayers Pastor Hunde and his family and also the members of Christ Lutheran as we look forward to his visit and safe travels to him.

Thank You,
Mark Woy Call Committee Chair & the Call Committee