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I am Cheryl Gothro. I am a long-time member of Christ Lutheran Church and I am currently in my second year as Council President.  I have sat on several committees throughout the years as both the Council’s assistant and the chairperson of Worship and Evangelism.  I was also the Council’s recording secretary, and a member of two Call Committees, plus the Foundation committee.  I enjoy being a worship assistant, reader, and communion server.  I have delivered flowers and offered communion to homebound and hospitalized members. I am a vocalist in our CLC Praise band and choir.  I also tend to the cross garden in front of the church which, along with my parents, I helped build.  I consider Christ Lutheran Church my home church and its members, my church family.  I look forward to helping us grow in numbers and faith

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My Message

The Church Council President along with the Church Pastor, oversees the running of the business of the church. As head of the Executive committee and the Church Council, the President works with the Pastor and office staff to prepare for the daily workings of the church and church building. I also work along with the Pastor, office staff, and Council committees to maintain the structure of the life of Christ Lutheran Church, while caring for our church family, evangelizing, and outreach programs. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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