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About Youth and Children Minstry

I am Evelyn Hudson - Wright the youth and family Coordinator of CLC. It is really a privilege to serve the Lord. I have dedicated myself to the ministry by His grace and as a church we focus on the next generation by educating children at Sunday School and gathering youth to make sure that they grow in the fear of the Lord, to be a blessing to the whole nation. I am more than happy to contact anyone who wants to involve their

children in this ministry.

Core Youth and Children MinstryMinistry Services

As the Youth and Family Coordinator I assist the teachers with preparing, developing and sharing the word of God through different activities.  I develop relationships with the children and parents/guardians with a listening, caring and compassionate spirit. I make phone calls, send emails, texts or cards to ensure communication with the children's families. I work with the Parish Education Committee, and the Pastor to develop, recruit, train, support and encourage a team of leaders and helpers from the congregation and community to serve in the children's ministry.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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