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About Communication

Lee O’Bryan, chairperson; Nancy O’Bryan, assistant


The responsibilities of the Communications Committee are to develop and maintain an effective communication system, promoting maximum reach, clarity and consistency of message and speed of delivery, both internally and externally

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Core Communication Ministry Services

Clear, concise communication is essential for a smooth-running organization.  The church is no exception.  From the Pastor, to the office personnel, to the council members, to the ministry leaders and to the congregational members, it is apparent that everything runs more smoothly when everyone is well informed with the same information.  


To meet those needs, we offer to review all pieces of communication whether written, spoken or shared electronically.  We assist with Temple Talk messages, worship bulletins, program flyers, annual reports, electronic church sign content, etc. Again, our purpose is to provide consistency and accuracy of information and to be sure it is available to the whole congregation.  


Helping committees prepare and distribute flyers or articles to advertise special events or opportunities at CLC is another undertaking we assume.  We also decorate bulletin boards in the church to make them more appealing and attractive so members and visitors will stop to read the important information.  We also hope to publicize the work, efforts, and accomplishments of various individuals and organizations


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