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About Food Pantry 

 Melissa Bruesehoff is the leader of the food pantry ministry. As a servant of the Lord, she always delights in doing he best to serve the people of God. If you are in need of assistance, you can apply to the food pantry, using the link on our web page. Please bring your driver's license and a utility bill with you when you come to the pantry. 

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Core Food Pantry  Ministry Services

The holistic ministry is core of our food pantry vision. The daily Bread Food Pantry connects with Macomb County families and individuals who struggle to make ends meet. The Ministry provides non- perishable foods along with paper products and  cleaning supplies. Prior to distribution, there is a prayer of blessing for the households. The church is called to offer a holistic ministry because we human beings have both flesh and soul. We cannot live without a bread and as the bible says also, we can not  live by bread alone. Balancing the two will provide a proper and effective ministry in our church. There are are a number of families who have received food assistance in the past years and we are very thankful to God who is the provider of all. We appreciate and would like to thank those who donate and share what they have with those who are in need.


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